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TAHNIS CUNNINGHAM – Regina, Saskatchewan
Intermediate – Métis Style 
Tahnis is a Métis fiddler from Regina, Saskatchewan.  Music and family have always been synonymous for Tahnis grew up singing and playing with her parents and siblings as the Cunningham Family Band. Now, she plays music with her partner, Ray Bell, who she met at a music camp.  Tahnis teaches fiddle at “Music in the House” in Regina and has been an instructor at music camps and workshops across Western Canada.  In 2012 she and her family created “The Métis Music Project” in which they teamed up with John Arcand to record and transcribe several Métis tunes.  Tahnis loves to host old-time dances where she teaches the steps and calls the squares.

DANIEL GERVAIS – Edmonton, Alberta
Beginner – Métis Style
Daniel is a young Métis man that began playing at the early age of five. In 2011, Daniel won the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Championship. He completed a Masters of Music in classical performance at the University of Alberta in 2014 and currently teaches at MacEwan University. He has had the opportunity to play at a number of prestigious events in Canada, the US and Europe. He is no stranger to the John Arcand Fiddle Fest.  He was the very first youth player ever showcased at the festival, and is allowing the festival's mandate to come full circle by now appearing as an instructor.

LUCAS WELSH – Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan 
Beginner - Métis and Old Time
Lucas was born and raised near Blaine Lake and is now a resident of Meadow Lake. He began his musical career playing for country bands at the age of 14. He always had a passion for fiddle, old time music and his Metis heritage and let that lead him to where he is today. He’s also a gifted backup musician on guitar and mandolin and has even been known to sing a song or two. He is a Saskatchewan Provincial fiddling Champion and has represented Saskatchewan at the Canadian Grand Masters. Lucas continues to be an active teacher, performer, and recording artist.

PATTI LAMOUREUX – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Intermediate- Métis and Old Time
Although not Métis, Patti is no stranger to the Red River Style of Fiddling and traditional Métis tunes. Born and raised in the Manitoba Red River area, Patti has been performing these tunes for many years.  Patti continues to be in demand at many fiddle camps and performance venues as well as keeping a full roster of private students. 

CALVIN VOLLRATH – St. Paul, Alberta
Advanced – Metis and Old Time
Described since youth as a prodigy, Calvin Vollrath is a premiere fiddler who is constantly in demand.  To date, he has composed over 600 tunes and his influence in the fiddle world is very evident. He has to his credit, 62 of his own albums, numerous music books of original compositions and an instructional DVD – and he now also produces recordings for fiddlers from across the country at his home studio in St. Paul, Alberta.

Calvin is a veteran recognized for his performing, teaching, judging and composing abilities. He’s been honored to receive many awards for his accomplishments and has an outstanding career that promotes the love of old time fiddle. He travels extensively to perform and teach and he is a real pleasure sure to watch on stage – he knows how to bring an audience to their feet.

GORDON STOBBE – Head of Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia 
Intermediate – East Coast and Canadian Fiddle                     
As a fiddler, Gord Stobbe is a performer, teacher, mentor and composer. Gordon’s performance history includes theatre, radio host, television host, composer, and square dance calling. He is a publisher of very popular fiddle and music instructional books and recordings. Gordon is in demand for workshops, camps, and music retreats across Canada.  Current projects include co-composing and recording music for twin fiddles with JJ Guy.

SHAMMA SABIR – Kelowna, British Columbia
Intermediate – Celtic and Old Time
Shamma is one of the four talented Sabir Sisters, who together comprise one of the funkiest Celtic groups, with a home base in old time fiddle.  She was the first and youngest female nominee ever to be invited to the Canadian Grand Masters Championships and placed in Canada's top ten in Ottawa. Shamma is a prolific writer and is much sought after for fiddle camps and festivals. 

RODNEY KRIP – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Intermediate – French Canadian and Old Time
Rodney began his musical involvement at age 8, and began competing in old time fiddle contests at age 11. He is a 5 time Saskatchewan Fiddle Champion, a 3 time Western Canadian Amateur Fiddle Champion and was selected as a Saskatchewan contestant at the prestigious Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championships from 1990-1995. He keeps active as a judge and guest entertainer and is also a member of the Cleavers, a well known fiddle group in Saskatchewan that has made some recordings. 

FAY MACKENZIE– Orillia, Ontario

Absolute Beginner
Fay is an Elementary School Teacher at Mnjikaning Kendaaswin Elementary School at Chippewas of Rama First Nation, in Ontario.  She is a member of the folk band "Alex" and she loves to fiddle. A qualified fiddle instructor, she has a slate of private students and also teaches fiddle and square dancing to her students. Fay is no stranger to the John Arcand Fiddle Fest as an avid fiddle fan and contest coordinator she has been here for the past 15 years and we are so pleased to again have her back in the capacity of an instructor. 


RAYMOND SHUMI – Tisdale, Saskatchewan
Raymond has many Jigging awards to his name, including Overall Grand Champion in the Traditional Red River Jigging Championships at the John Arcand Fiddle Fest three times.  Raymond dances in the traditional way and is very approachable and willing to share. We have had Raymond as an instructor for several years now and received much positive feedback about his methods and his way of teaching.  We are glad to have him back!

YVONNE CHARTRAND – Vancouver, British Columbia

Yvonne's Métis ancestry comes from St. Laurent, Manitoba and her passion and dedication to the preservation of the traditional Métis dances is quite evident. Yvonne is the Artistic Director of V’ni Dansi (meaning “Come and Dance” in Michif) and this includes a traditional Métis Dance group; the Louis Riel Métis Dancers. These groups keep an active performance schedule, as does Yvonne. Yvonne was awarded the 2011 Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Awards as dancer and choreographer by the Canada Council for the Arts, the annual awards recognize outstanding mid-career artists. We are proud to add her to the roster of instructors for the jigging workshops.


FREDDIE & SHEILA PELLETIER – Birchhills, Saskatchewan 
Beginner and Intermediate
Freddie and Sheila Pelletier from Birch Hills, SK have performed together for over 20 years.  Freddie has played music professionally since 1969 playing for folks like Ian Tyson and fiddler, Al Cherney.  Together they operated the Pelletier Guitar and Music Camp that ran for 12 years.  They currently partner with Iskwatikan Lake Lodge in northern SK to provide a unique fly in fishing/guitar playing experience.  Freddie and Sheila have spent the past 15 winters performing in resorts in the southern USA and perform across western Canada when they're home. 

CLINTON PELLETIER – Edmonton, Alberta
Clinton is an amazing guitar virtuoso who will often join Freddie and Sheila, giving their show a wonderful family aspect!  He is also a music producer, recording for many folks in many styles at his studio  He is also part of WCMA award winning Hot Club Edmonton with Daniel Gervais.  Clinton’s most recent endeavor has been Planet Music School which won best music school in Edmonton for 2015 and is nominated again for 2016.


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