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Onsite Rules and Regulations
John Arcand Fiddle Fest 

Important Fiddle Fest Information

  1. Wristbands must be put on at the gate and worn throughout your stay at the Festival - no exceptions!  Security personnel will be enforcing this policy.  If you are not wearing a wristband you may be asked to leave the Festival.
  2. The festival takes place on private property.  You are welcome to move freely between the camping, parking, concession, main stage, workshop, and play areas.  Please refrain from entering other areas of the acreage and ensure that children understand the boundaries and that you are aware of their whereabouts at all times. 
  3. You must register for all events: including the Workshops. Registration is FREE
    and the registration area is open daily right next to the mainstage.
  4. If you are tenting, your vehicle must remain in the designated parking area at all times.  Vehicles are not allowed in the tent area or on the adjacent roadway. 
  5. RVs must be parked east to west and in sequence.  You cannot save spaces for others. 
  6. Parking and camping for our visitors with disabilities is provided in close proximity to the main festival site.  We have a limited number of spaces, so please be respectful. 
  7. FOR YOUR SAFETY - The Pike Lake First Responders are on the
    grounds throughout the Festival.
  8. No open fires.
  9. No Open Alcohol in the Main Stage Venue or on the general Festival grounds.
  10. No Smoking in the Main Stage venue (smoking allowed in MARKED designated areas only)
  11. No pets allowed in the main stage area, concession or Festival grounds. They may be kept in your campground if properly contained. A leash is not considered contained. Contained is defined as an outdoor dog run with a roof or inside your RV.
  12. While camping, please be mindful that elders and families with small children may retire early.  Quiet time begins at 11 pm.  Security personnel will be enforcing this policy. 
  13. Please recycle. There are can and bottle depots beside each garbage can.
  14. There are Loraas Bins located just west of the Ball Diamond, please deposit your waste before leaving the camping area.
  15. Pump outs are scheduled for the Porta potties each morning at 7 a.m. If you would like “grey-water” service please speak to them while they are on site to make the arrangements.
  16. The playground area is unsupervised.  Please keep an eye on your children while they are using the equipment and encourage them to play safely and respectfully. 
  17. Product sales are not permitted on the Festival site without permission.  Festival policy restricts product sales to Festival performers and sponsors. 
  18. No video-taping without permission from the organizers – thank you!
  19. Fiddle Fest Volunteers are wearing Yellow T-shirts –please direct all questions to them.
  20. Please take a minute to fill out your audience survey - we’d love to hear from you…what you would like to see and participate in is important to us and we do our utmost to take it all into consideration.  Completed surveys and suggestions can be dropped off in the box located in the “Registration Tent”.

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